Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An Ex By Any Other Name

I had been dating this guy Brad for several months, when I went to visit him in Boston. (I lived an hour and a half away.) He picked me up at the bus station with two other people in the car, his roommate John whom I'd met before and a woman I'd never met named Catherine.

I got into the front seat and we drove off to dinner. Periodically throughout the night Brad would refer to Catherine as "Cathy" and she would quickly correct him: "Catherine," she'd say emphatically. As we drove home from dinner and this happened for the umpteenth time, I finally turned around to look at her and said, "Oh, Brad's just calling you Cathy because he has this ex-girlfriend named Cathy. This horrible woman who just can't get over him and still thinks that maybe they'll get married someday and so she calls up at all hours of the night crying and trying to win him back even though he's dating me. He keeps telling her he's not interested, and she just won't get the message. What a loser. I mean she's got to get on with her life!" People were pretty silent after my outburst, and a few minutes later we dropped John and Catherine off.

At which point Brad turns to me and says: "Um, that WAS Cathy."

Turns out, she'd really wanted to meet me and he'd agreed to this stupid plan of inviting her out under a "pseudonym."

Hey, she deserved it. . .


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