Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Got Milk?

I was recently asked out on a date by a total hunk ? I mean, this guy made me weak in the knees. I was so nervous about making conversation with him on our fist date, that I suggested we check out a visiting short film festival. At least that way, all I would have to say every so often would be, "That was good." Surely I could handle that.

Before we sat down for the films, Paul bought me a cappuccino, which I finished in about 5 minutes. After the 2 hour screening, there was a reception where we met the directors, met some of the actors, and mingled with the crowd.

Then I told my date I needed to go to the ladies room. When I got there, I nearly died of embarrassment when I looked in the mirror and saw a ring of cappuccino froth and chocolate across the bridge of my nose! I couldn't believe the #@*! let me sit through 2 hours of movie watching and crowd mingling and not tell me about it! Needless to say, I never saw him again!


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