Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Man in Uniform

Years ago, I agreed to go on a blind date to the movies with one of my brother's old friends. When he showed up at my house, I opened the door to what seemed like a time warp. He was wearing his Army dress uniform. I couldn't believe it I mean, these aren't the 1950s!

Maybe I was being dramatic, but I just thought it was strange. He asked if I wanted to go to a theater or a drive-in. To avoid being seen (or to give him the opportunity to live out his 1950s fantasy) I opted for the drive-in. On the way there he sang he favorite tune - the Green Beret theme.

At the drive in, I kid you not, he whistled at the girls walking by the car. I sat so close to the car door, Ford was imprinted on my arm for weeks after. I don't even remember the movie.

My brother had the last laugh, he knew this guy was a creep. He just didn't tell me till later. Never date your brother's friends.

--Name Withheld

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