Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A trip to a transvestite club wasn't the first date our heroine had in mind.

I met this guy in a bar and had a great time talking all night. When he called for a date, I was pretty excited. He told me to think of something I'd like to do, and I decided that either the movies or a comedy show would be a good idea for a first date. Apparently, my guy had other ideas . . . He said movies "suck" and that comedy shows are "stupid". He had ME pick HIM up and said we were going to grab something to eat. Where we ended up was at a sub shop where, instead of letting me get my own sub, he offered me a bite of his ham and cheese. I declined. I was thinking that this really wasn't going well, but I couldn't possibly have had an idea of how much worse it was going to get. He told me I would absolutely LOVE the place he was taking me.

We arrived in front of a bar that is infamous for it's Goth interior and transsexual clientèle. Suddenly, a man in fishnets and a mini-skirt approached me for a dance, which my date got very excited about. At that point, Mr. Mini-Skirt was more appealing than my date, but I turned down the dance, and just wanted to go home. My date then wanted to take me to eat again, and we went to a little diner. He told me he wanted steak tips & eggs, but didn't want to order them both, so he wanted ME to order steak tips, and he'd just pick them off my plate. Which he did with fervor when the food arrived. Finally, I dropped him off, and laughed the whole way home about what a comedy of horrors had occurred.

He called just yesterday looking to take me out again . . . I didn't pick up the phone.


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