Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Last Fling Before the Ring

This guy that I actually liked called me up one afternoon and invited me to go out with him to a coffee house and then a nightclub after.

I got all excited and rushed around looking for something good to wear and went to meet him. We spent the early evening drinking coffee and chatting with the various other people in the coffee house who he knew already because this place was his regular hangout.

A girl was sitting on the other side of the room and he threw a little rubber band at her to get her attention. She smiled and giggled and came over and joined us. The three of us were talking for a good while and he invited her to come out to the nightclub with us. She said yes but went home to change and would meet us again in an hour or so.

After she left I asked him how long he'd known her, and he said he didn't know her at all . . . just met her just then.

Hmm. He's a friendly guy, isn't he?

Well, the three of us went out to the club where she and I sat ourselves down on barstools. He proceeded to spend the rest of the evening groping her on the barstool right next to me.

I probably should have got up and moved, but hey . . . I sat there first. So instead of politely excusing myself, I called strangers over and told them my story so they could witness it as it was going on.

I pretty much figured by this time that I was no longer on a date and had written this guy off in my mind. But just before the club closed he somehow ditched the other girl and as we were both exiting the building, he motioned to me as if I was supposed to be going home with him.

I told him there's no way in hell I'd go home with him after that and he gave me the big sad puppy dog eyes and acted as if he honestly didn't know what he had done to make me so angry with him. I went home without looking back.

I'd like to say the story ended here. But it doesn't.

He spent the next two weeks turning up everywhere I went and looking at me with the sad eyes until I actually felt sorry enough for him I agreed to go out with him again (Yes, I know, I know. Not the smartest thing). We went out another time and all went well. After our date (like an hour AFTER OUR DATE), he publicly announced his engagement to yet another girl!

I didn't go out with him again after that.

-- Name Withheld

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