Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How To Get Out of a Date

This happened to me when I was in college, and to be honest I don't come out looking all that well in it. . . This guy Rob had asked me out and I said yes, even though I knew I didn't want to. On the night we were supposed to go out, I didn't exactly take the high road -- I couldn't bring myself to go out with him, but I couldn't tell him that either.

So instead I hid. I didn't answer the phone all day and I stayed out of my dorm room. I hung out upstairs with my friend Nicole. Sure enough, that evening he comes over to my dorm and starts asking everyone where I am. He knocked on my dorm room door and my roommate said she (truthfully) didn't know. But someone else in the hall decided to tell him I might be up at Nicole's.

He knocked on her door. It was a small room and there was nowhere to hide, so I jumped up and stood behind the door as she opened it.

"Do you know where Jane is?" Rob asked. Nicole said she didn't, maybe I was down the hall. But apparently he was no dummy: he pushed past her and looked behind the door to see me smooshed up against the wall trying to disappear. The jig was up and I felt awful.

But he just said: "Oh! There you are! Are you ready?" I said yes, told him I had to grab my purse, and went out on the date. He acted as if nothing was weird at all.

Guys just don't pick up on even the most obvious of signals do they??


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Stacy said...

This is not the guy's fault. You were acting too stuck up and bitchy. If you didn't want to go with him, you should've made up some excuse and texted him or called him beforehand saying you cannot make for the date. Hiding till the last minute when your date comes to pick you up is plain immature. And this also shows much consideration you give for other's time and effort.

Grow up girl....You are not old enough to go out on dates.