Sunday, July 13, 2008

Barking, Peeing and Drinking

I met this really nice guy through a friend. He took me, and two of our friends, to the movies. I soon learned he was a total drunk. He drank so much I lost count of how many drinks he had. He was acting ridiculous the entire time. When we were in line for the movie he must have said, "Oh, that's my ex-girlfriend," at least three times.

Once seated in the movies, he seemed to be under control. Then he started yelling at the audience. Actually it was more like barking. My friend kept telling me to kiss him just to keep him quiet. It was so embarrassing.

After he got done wearing himself out he fell asleep. And he snored! When the movie was done, we couldn't wake him up. Finally, he woke up, and immediately asked where the bathroom was. I offered to show him, but the next thing I knew he was peeing right in the middle of the theater. On the ride home he actually had the nerve to ask if he could stay the night. I simply looked at him and looked away.

--submitted by dezeraygir

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