Sunday, July 13, 2008

Where'd He Go?

My sister set me up on blind date with one of her coworkers. She assured me that he was good looking, which he was, and that he had a good sense of humor.

We set up a date to go see the movie War of the Roses. As the story unfolded I started to laugh at the things the couple were doing to each other. It really was funny. In the middle of the movie he turned to and asked me if, hypothetically, we were dating or married, would I behave like the characters in the movie during a fight or argument. I jokingly said that I would probably do worse.

I noticed he got very quiet through the rest of the movie. Our plan was to get bite to eat after the movie. But, on the street he said he saw someone he knew and told me he wanted to talk to them. He took off running to catch up with them. He never returned and I went home by myself.

--submitted by aarticqn

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