Sunday, July 13, 2008

Say It's Snot So

I had this crush on a really hot guy when I was in college a year ago. When he finally asked me out for a date, I was so thrilled! Our first date went so well he asked me out for a second one. Instead of dinner and a movie, like on our first date, we had an order-out of my favorite food -- Chinese -- and relaxed on a picnic blanket near the runway of a little airport.

We watched the planes land and leave and gazed at the stars above between flights. It was so romantic. Then, he started to tell jokes, and I was laughing really hard. But this one time when he got to his punch line I busted out a big laugh, and to my amazement, with it came a sudden stream of mucus from my left nostril! I realized it was snot and inhaled it back up into my nose as quickly as it had come out! I was so embarrassed; all I could do was hold my hands over my face. I wished that the "ground god" would open the passageway to his throne and the earth would just swallow me in. Then my date said, "Oh, it's okay. It happens." Then he quickly changed the subject.

We ended up together, and for two years now he has never brought it.

--submitted by sweet_t

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