Sunday, July 13, 2008

Never Trust Your Grandmother's Friend

I was set up with a "nice guy" through my grandmother's friend. On the phone we talked for a while, before deciding to go to the beach together. He picked me up, and we drove there. When we paid to park, he asked the attendant for directions to the nude beach -- and winked at me. I thought he was joking, but it turned out he wasn't. I chose a place as far away from anybody else as possible. He stripped nude right away, cracking jokes the whole time. I could not look in his direction the entire time! By lunchtime I'd had enough and made a weak excuse to get back home after lunch. Unfortunately, he decided to take the "scenic route." It was a beautiful drive, but he ruined it by telling me about his many sexual partners (which made me want to throw up) and their exploits! After an hour, I said I was through listening, and that I didn't care much for him.

When he dropped me off, a block away since my building would be too far out of the way for him (an entire block), he said he never wanted to hear from me again. No problem, I thought. So, I'm thinking that this is over, right? I get a call about half an hour later from him, saying that I am really a gorgeous girl, and we should see each other again. At that point I lost it. I went off on him. He says to me, "Now that you're mad at me, we should have make-up sex!" And he was completely serious! I hung up.

--submitted by Heather

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