Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Zoo, the Teddy Bear and the Thong

I was going out with a person who I had wanted to go out with for over a year. We picked the zoo in Edinburgh. I wore a nice blouse and my pretty lavender skirt that goes so well with my bright red hair. My favorite skirt length is rather short, about mid-thigh. And I always wear thong panties.

Things were going well. He even mentioned that he wanted to see a lot more of me. It was at that moment, with a teddy bear in one arm and cotton candy in my other, the elastic on my skirt snapped and my skirt slid to a heap around my feet. Of course we were in the most crowded place in the zoo. I handed him my bear and cotton candy and, with everyone watching, bent down and pulled up my skirt. Someone came to my rescue with a safety pin and as I pinned it back up I said to him: "Well, you said you wanted to see a lot more of me." Embarrassed as I was, we saw the rest of the zoo and finished our date.

--submitted by Janel

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