Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Date That Vomited

I had a date with this guy I had been seeing for about a month. I was really excited about him, and really looking forward to our evening. We had plans to see a movie, but when I went to meet him at his apartment, he looked really sick. He admitted to feeling a little queasy. I said, "Oh, I'm so sorry! I'll leave." He told me he would be fine, so I said, "Let's not go to the movie ... I'll make you some soup." I finally got him to agree to skip the movie, and we watched TV on the couch. He looked progressively worse and I told him I would leave because he was obviously sick. He said, "You know what would make me feel a lot better? A kiss." I figured, what the hey, right? We had been dating a while. I kiss him, and one thing led to another ... and we're suddenly in this hot and heavy make-out sesh. Suddenly, he convulses, and barfs -- right into my mouth! I know it wasn't his fault, but it was so awful!

--submitted by Madeleine

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