Sunday, July 13, 2008

Excuse Me?

My blind lunch date started out a little rocky. First of all, he took me to Au Bon Pain (not only was it a sandwich joint, but it was a chain sandwich joint -- oh, the horror). Anyway, we were standing in the line and I started trying to tell him a story, but he kept interrupting me saying, ''Excuse me?'' At first I repeated what I had just said, but after a while it started getting annoying. There wasn't any background noise so it seemed like he just wasn't paying attention. I was so irritated by the last time he said it that I finally blurted out, ''What, do you need a hearing aid?'' Right then he pulled a hearing aid out of his ear and said sarcastically, ''Yeah, well maybe my battery is running low.'' I apologized, then slunk away from the table as only the most mortified girl on the planet could.

--submitted by kmcatacutan

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