Sunday, July 13, 2008

When Puppy Love Gets Old

I met at a cute guy at the dog park. We chatted for a while and exchanged numbers. A few days later he called and asked me go to the beach with him and our dogs. I loved the idea -- a low-key, no-pressure date.

We drove to the beach, laid out a blanket and munched on snacks. Our dogs played in the ocean and we tossed a football around. Sounds fun, right? It was -- until my date caught me off guard with a sloppy wet kiss. Dogs might not know better, but people are another story, you know?

I put the kiss out of my mind and relaxed during our ride back. Then all of a sudden, my date's dog threw up on the back seat. I felt sorry for the poor pooch until he followed it up by climbing into my lap and peeing! I could have gotten over one bad kiss, but after that mess I couldn't bring myself to go out with dog-guy again.

--submitted by nkrammer

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