Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Really Wrong Number

I received a wrong-number phone call one night, and instead of hanging up, he started talking to me. After about a week's worth of phone calls, and him begging to take me out, I finally agreed. He came and picked me up after he got off work one day, and instead of him taking me out, he took me back to his place. Not only was this totally uncomfortable, but he turned out to be one of the rudest guys I've ever met. I must have asked him about 10 times to keep his hands off of me. Luckily he had to work early the next morning so I suggested he take me home early. I thought that if I just kept the conversation going, so there was no uncomfortable silence, things would be fine -- wrong. We get halfway to my place and he starts saying how he thinks he might run out of gas. Well most people would just fill up, but then he goes on to say that he's maxed out two gas cards, and has no money because he paid all his bills with it. Just so I would could get home and end the nightmare, I say, "Just go and I'll give you money so you can get me home and back." He offered to "take me out again" so he could pay me back, but I kindly refused. The only thing I wanted back was the three hours I was with him.

--submitted by Trena

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