Sunday, July 13, 2008

When He Wants You for the Main Course

Four years ago an interesting man asked me out, but for some reason I said no. Then, last week, I was searching online personal ads and saw his picture! I couldn't remember why I turned him down, and I've been praying for a nice man to come into my life lately, so I thought it was fate.

I sent a quick email, and he wrote back instantly. Not only did he remember me, he also said he thought about me a lot. We met for coffee and it was nice. Then, the very next day, he invited over for dinner. Suddenly, I was nervous. I hadn't thought about him for four years, but he seemed to think we were a couple.

When I got to his house there was no food -- not a drink or chip in sight! He didn't even lead me to the dining room. Instead, we walked straight upstairs to a bedroom filled with candles, dim light and soft music. All I could think was that this romantic scene was too weird for a second date. So much for destiny. I should have gone with my first instinct.

--submitted by Lynne

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