Sunday, July 13, 2008

When Anything That Can Go Wrong Does

My nightmare began when I met this really nice guy in an online dating chat room. After several emails, photo exchanges and telephone conversations, we decided to meet for dinner when he came to town on business.

Since he didn't know his way around, I volunteered to pick him up at the hotel. Things were going fine until I lost my sense of direction and made a wrong turn. Then, instead of going to the restaurant as planned, I wound up giving us a driving tour of the seediest area you can imagine. Also, it was 95 degrees and very humid, and I didn't have air conditioning. When I finally got us back on track toward the restaurant, it started pouring down rain. Pouring. Then all of the windows started to steam up, so we had to roll everything up and turn on the defroster. Finally the windows started to defog. That's when I tried to stop at a stoplight -- and my truck spun out of control. The only object in our path was a tree. When I saw it coming at me in slow motion, my entire life began to pass before my eyes. I was yelling, ''Stop, car, stop!'' but it didn't work. We hit the tree and I was speechless. My date asked me, ''Are you okay?'' four times, but I couldn't answer. I was in shock! Being the very nice and honorable man that he is, he got out to assess the damage. When we discovered that I only had a slightly bent fender and a broken headlight, I started laughing hysterically. I mean, finally, I meet the man of my dreams, and I run us into a tree!

He promised that he'd drive next time.

--submitted by Marianne

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