Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Date That Wouldn't End

Much to my surprise, we had a terrible ice storm in Kentucky a few years ago. Right before the bad weather started (literally), I went out with this guy from a town about 35 miles away. It was our first date and I didn't think it was going very well, so I was surprised when he invited me to his apartment to watch movies afterward. I agreed, thinking, "It couldn't get any worse, right?"

Boy, was I wrong! After just one movie, I decided it was time to go home. I called my mother to pick me up, and she informed me that I couldn't leave. When I asked why, she told me to look out the window. There was at least four inches of ice on everything!

As it turned out, I was stuck there for a full week until the roads were safe again. Not only that, but my date had a twin brother who lived with him who showed up about one hour after I talked to my mom. The date from hell became the week from hell -- plus I was double-teamed by misery!

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Anonymous said...

thank God that's all you went through being alone for a week with two strange men. Rule #1 never go back to the first date apartment, that's basically agreeing to get it in.