Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Flatulent Man Is Not for Me

I was really looking forward to a date with this great looking guy who had a terrific personality. When we finally hooked up, it was to go to a mutual friend's wedding -- a very romantic first date. It was amazing. He rented a limo and showed up looking fabulous in a navy blue Armani suit. We took our seats in the third pew just as the wedding started. The ceremony was beautiful, but just as the church became silent and the bride was about to say, "I do", my gorgeous date let out the biggest, loudest (brace yourself) fart in the world! To make matters worse, I jumped so high and had such a look of shock on my face that everyone assumed it was me! At that point, all I could do was excuse myself to the bathroom, hail a cab and split. Gorgeous or not, a flatulent man is not for me.

--submitted by nmallvr

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