Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Real Shallow Hal

I had been looking around online for a date, and a seemingly wonderful guy from Arkansas emailed me. He asked to see some photos of me, so I used my sister?s scanner and scanned some surprisingly good pictures of my face. He saw my pictures and proclaimed me beautiful, even though I told him I was a bit heavy. I'm not overwhelmingly fat, but I'm heavy and I even told him I wear a size 16/18. He said he didn't care. We finally spoke on the phone and set up a date. He agreed to come to my house, where I was spending time with my daughter and mother. When he arrived, he took a few pictures of my daughter and me, and seemed to have a good time. He left with a hug and a smile, and I thought it all was okay-- until I read my email the next day. He called me a fat, lying little thing and accused me of altering my picture to make myself look good! He went on to say that he didn't date fat women and that I wasn't to be trusted. I replied and told him what I thought of him! A few months later, using a picture the jerk had taken, I met my darling husband-to-be and have been very happy ever since!

--submitted by Rachel

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